Action Plan for Sydney

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Image hosted by Actually the Sydney Morning Herald did this logo a couple of weeks ago, most of their campaign is about water, but mine is better The top five things I would change about Sydney, and New South Wales 1. Phone Numbers You need to put 02 in front of a phone number ONLY WHEN YOU ARE CALLING FROM INTERSTATE. Don’t call me from Penrith, and leave your number as 0275 688 203 or similar. In addition to not needing the 02, DO NOT GIVE ME A PHONE NUMBER IN ANY OTHER FORM THAN XXXX XXXX. I can’t write it down if you give me 256 271 44 or similar idiocy. And don’t say ‘Well, you always used to need the area code from country areas’. The system changed in 1997. It’s time to get with the program people. 2. Driving through red lights IS ILLEGAL As is queuing through intersections. In addition to the annoyance of having the green man light up and then having a car wiz past your nose, sometime cars don’t make it. Not because they feel they should not go when the light is red of course, but because the lanes with the green light start driving through. So the car is left jutting into the intersection and all the pedestrians have to walk around it. The cops aren’t going to do anything, but scraping the car bonnet with your keys might. Do it! 3. Public transport Apart from being a total ripoff and completely unreliable, is it necessary for the staff to look quite so miserable? (OK this doesn’t exactly fit my left wing politics I know but I do have a mother who once sacked a cleaning lady for always being depressed, so it’s genetic). I wouldn't mind so much if they did anything, but when I fell down the escalator at my amply staffed station, none of the staff, with their closed circuit TV monitoring the platform, came to help. Sub-complaint: Why don’t they employ those people in Perth who scream at passengers to let people out before boarding the train. Sub-complaint Part (b): Manners people! Would Sydney people please learn to let people get out before trying to get on. Ditto for lifts. 4. Dirt Sydney is very dirty. Why? 5. Taxes and charges They tax EVERYTHING here. Everything. So why can’t they use the money to fix the above mentioned problems. PS As you can see I have been playing around with the format of this site a bit. Bear with me, it’s not finished. And PLEASE leave comments!

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