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My mother decided to help my career by phoning me at 7am this morning. She knew I wouldn't be up, but she figured I could get into work early and accrue some flextime. She and Michael had just got into Sydney, a thankful and exhausted homecoming. When she told me how great it was to hear a customs staff member shout "Well, don't just stand there" to queuing passengers, you know she has been missing the way people relate to each other here. Well, thank you Mummy and welcome home. I banked two hours today, so now I won't have to use annual leave for my trip home. Welcome home Dad. This picture is for you. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3 Responses to “Flextime”

  1. Blogger cheerbear22 

    Yes... until recently i wasn't aware of the verb "flex" as used tauntingly by you! My chances of ever having to use it in relation to myself are prettly slim unfortunately.

    Must have been great to see your mum and michael! Have to laugh at your rendition of the customs person!!

    Yay counting down till we catch up in Perth. I believe 130 has reserved a special table for you with the eggs already ordered and that nice latte! OOOH they just turned the lights off on me... Think that is a sign for me to go home? xx

  2. Anonymous Y K W (? you do know!) 

    Dear special blogger,

    Unfortunately we can't get the picture as yet - could be still downloading, so will keep the channels open. Must lie down and catch up on jet lag.

    See ya! (Is cheerbear 22 RHF by any chance?)

  3. Anonymous ykw 

    Dear SB, still can't get photo but have a question.

    Is "homeless mens' group code for speed dating ??? If so, long story could be good ! !

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