The last 4 days of my life

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The last 4 days of my life, for all those people who always ask, “So, what do you do in Sydney?” and get my mumbled “oh, I go to work, you know, go the movies sometimes…” in reply. Friends, this is life in the BIG CITY Monday morning: The vicious sore throat that I developed after drinks at Meaghan’s on Saturday night has still not resolved. Because of this, and because I know I am leaving work at 4, I decide to skip the gym. Workday: contains no work. I start this blog, and then spend the rest of the day looking at other blogs and uploading photos. 3pm. Afternoon Tea to welcome new member of the branch. New branch member is predictably quiet and nervous at our weirdness. Superficially- joking-but-with-an-undercurrent-of-menace comments are made about the projects he will be given. 4pm. Leave work, IN DAYLIGHT. (Woolworth’s online) are delivering sometime between 5 – 9. This is the first time I have used them. 5pm. Fiona crashes through door with giant suitcase containing a big file. At 4pm she found out that a big case she has in Wagga has been given a slot in the court timetable, starting Tuesday morning. 6pm. Fiona leaves for airport just as arrive. I discover 3 things that make them better than coles online: 1. They use paper bags, not a million plastic ones 2. They deliver within the delivery time window, not 10 minutes after it ends. 3. They don’t forget half the stuff on the order, unlike the time coles left out all the alcohol on our order the day of our housewarming party. The only weird thing they do is give me 4 x 250mg blocks of cheese, when I ordered 1 x 1kg block. They only charged me for a kilo though. 7.30pm. Watch SuperNanny USA on Channel 9. The thrill of watching small American brats get the discipline they need is beginning to pall. Also the parents in this episode are total morons, especially the mother. They have 3-year-old twin boys, plus 18-month-old twins, a boy and girl. The father does a very demanding job from home and looks after the kids, before the mother gets home from work at 4pm and takes over. They don’t have a cleaner or babysitter because Mum "isn’t comfortable" with that, so Dad just parks them in front of the TV or makes them sleep all day. Then they’re hysterical and bored when Mum gets home. Mum also insists that the 3 boys are all dressed alike (in blue – the girl always wears pink), to the extent that if one of the boys gets his clothes dirty, all three boys have to get changed. 9pm. Go to bed Tuesday Morning: My cold is even worse, am blowing my nose and coughing all day at work. Once again decide not to go to Gym. Half the office is on a training course, including my boss. I leave work at 4. 6pm. I am cooking Risotto and drinking the wine I used to flavour the risotto when Meg phones to ask me over for dinner. She is cooking Risotto. I finish my Risotto, then make my way over to Meg’s. She has not cooked Risotto. Around 8.30 her friend Helena arrives and prepares some lovely food for us, then they spend the rest of the evening telling work stories. Meg introduces me to the fabulous 10.30pm. Walk home, quite drunk now. Put my Risotto into lunch boxes then go to bed. Wednesday morning. Cold even worse than before. I decide I will be late for work so I can spend 20 minutes in the shower. Again decide not to pack for the gym. Pack Risotto for lunch. Wednesday lunch time. Take a walk to visit World Square, Sydney's newest megashopping centre. It takes up the whole block bound by Liverpool, Pitt, Goulburn and George Streets. It contains the same boring chain shops as every other shopping centre. Sample from catalogue: With 550 spaces, parking at World Square is a breeze. Rates start from $7 per hour during the week, with a flat rate of $12 per entry on weekends. Wednesday afternoon. Spend so much time on the Internet my eyes are red and watery. People sympathise with my cold. 5.30. Homeless Men’s group meeting (It’s a long story) 7pm. Get home. Have bath with bathroom door open so I can hear the news. Accidentally smash our last remaining wine glass. Should I invest in more expensive glasses in the hope that they don’t break as easily, or do I accept that Fiona and I break a lot of glasses and keep buying the very cheap Ikea glasses? 8pm-10.30pm. Watch the ABC’s rubbish Wednesday night comedy line up, except for the New Inventors, which is just too depressing. I also hate The Glasshouse, except for Dave Hughes. Sort and fold washing, clean kitchen.
Note: must keep kitchen window open at all times, due to tumble dryer. Preliminary mould growing on kitchen wall. 10.45pm. Go to bed. Thursday morning. Wake up at 7am! Make coffee, go back to bed. I am going to the gym today. Pack gym gear and more Risotto. 9.15am. Get to work. Update blog.

3 Responses to “The last 4 days of my life”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Certainly sounds like an interesting few days to me! I like the fact that risotto is featured. Risotto for lunch can make any day worthwhile. I made a nice sweetpotato and fetta one and had it dinner, lunch, lunch. unfortunately it's now run out...

  2. Anonymous Meg 

    Hi Babe,

    Good blog! Feel utterly famous now that my offer of risotto and failure to produce is featured. It was Jelena's fault you know. She wanted to bring some ""wog food" as she put it...and I do detest cooking. Just had to lure you over you know.

  3. Anonymous You know who 

    Hi from Switzerland - this is fun,I hope this blog will continue into the years ahead, totally enjoying all the details and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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