Meg, would you like to come over for dinner on Tuesday?

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I'd actually forgotten that I'd given you this web address! Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, I'm guessing the one from Switerland is Mum or Michael, and anonymous - could that be Bec? Monday's email: ************************************** COLES ONLINE PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE ************************************** Dear Emma, The manufacturer has requested the following product be recalled. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & SIZE:SAVINGS CHOC COATED ICE CREAM, 10PACK, 750mL ITEM CODE: 359812BEST BEFORE/USE BY CODE:BEST BEFORE 09/08/06APN:9300601359813 The reason for this product RECALL from sale is due to potential plastic contamination. Note: To our knowledge no other stock has been affected.

Another reason why I don't like them.

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  1. Anonymous Meg 

    Let me guess, either I turn up for dinner and there's nothing on the table or there is except it's chocolate coated ice-creams...

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