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I have installed a hit counter at the bottom of this site. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, look in the left hand corner and you will see a small green box. OK, I got it free from the web, I just had to paste the html code in the template's footer. Still..

3 Responses to “programming genius”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Ooh, you have a blog too! Now we can keep in touch in geeky ways. :)

    I used to be on Blogger too, but I moved to LiveJournal. [My Journal]

    Technical stuff:
    Blogger generates a feed of all of the 'blogspot' accounts that other people can subscribe to without going to the site. I've registered a feed of the emmainsydney blog on LiveJournal so that your entries can come up on my LJ Friends page. If you have any other friends using LJ, they can subscribe to your journal by going here: [EIS Feed]


    Helen E.

  2. Blogger Emma 

    Hello lovely married Helen!

    Congratulations. I have a card for you but it has taken me 3 weeks to organise a stamp, so it's just snail mailing its ways to you now.

    I love your blog!

    Em xxxx

  3. Anonymous Helen 

    Thanks for the congratulations!

    I used to have anonymous commenting enabled on my blog, but then a friend's stalker (long story) showed an interest in me, so I disabled it (hence, only people with LJ accounts that have been added to my Friends List can comment).

    Which is bad because it means that you can't leave a comment without an LJ account. D'oh. (Unless you signed up for one just to leave comments, which some people apparently do.) But you can always email me - the best address to get me on is my surname

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