Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow........

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It has not stopped raining since I got home. My towel won't get dry, I've lost my umbrella and the fungus in the kitchen is not going away.
Work just got silly. I unwisely left my ear length hair out today, so despite leaving in all the conditioner I have a mop head. I am also wearing a pink jumper, red tartan skirt and pink shoes. I just went down to get a coffee, saw myself in the lift - Little Orphan Annie goes corporate.
Anyway, this has started something now. Our lovely open plan branch has decided who their inner (or outer) children's character is. I work with:
  • Harry Potter
  • Animal from the muppets
  • Aeon Flux (Japanese manga, very cool, soon to be played by Charlize Theron in movie).
  • Inch eye Private Eye
  • That character, possibly from the Flintstones, who no-one can remember the name of but who walks around with a cloud over his head which is raining (colleague who is currently trying to give up smoking).
FYI: making news >>>>>>>,9353,15730830-28778,00.html

2 Responses to “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow........”

  1. Blogger cheerbear22 

    Well, personally, I think every office needs an Annie (particularly a corporatised one). I am probably more like raggedy ann by the end of the day. Why is it that tucked in shirts never stay that way permanently leaving one wandering around with shirt half in half out?

    Was so lovely to see you in Perth. Gary and I went to Cafe 130 before the Luna Double the other night - 130 says they miss you (as do we!).

  2. Anonymous mum 

    Newspaper articles were very interesting.
    We don't hear much about DJJ NSW over here and obviously are missing a lot of news!
    Learning hairdressing without being allowed to use scissors would be a real challenge.
    Letter writers to the paper must have had a field day with pool, gymnasium and price tag! No wonder we in WA are a bit bored!!

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