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from the SMH Casino is extortion's real target By Lee Glendinning July 20, 2005 Star City Casino is the "third party" at the centre of the Mars and Snickers extortion threats, police have revealed, but they do not understand what the extortionist wants, and they need him to clarify his demands. Police said they decided to reveal that Star City was at the focus of the extortionist's grievance yesterday because some form of negotiated settlement needed to be reached with the person, whose actions so far have resulted in a statewide product recall and more than 3 million chocolate bars being destroyed. Negotiated agreement? Or possible scheduling under the mental health act? Apparently some people did present to hospital feeling sick after eating mars bars, but how would you tell if the mars bar had been poisoned or they were just feeling sick because they had eaten a genuine mars bar? Detective Superintendent Peter Cotter, of the robbery and serious crime squad command, said Star City had attempted to comply with some of the extortionist's demands but police needed to work out what his motives were and why Star City had been chosen as a target. "Obviously it would be very helpful for this person to engage in direct dialogue," he said. "We need him to clarify what his demands are and what he's seeking." Stop gambling or I’ll poison all the Mars bars! Immediately after yesterday's announcement, police said they wanted to reassure the public that there was no threat to the infrastructure, patrons or staff of Star City Casino. I wish I could find the link, because I heard it several times on ABC radio on Tuesday, and I cannot, despite extensive googling, find it anywhere, but the fabulous quote from a man from Star City was, approximately “We have extensively security, and as such there could not be a more unsuitable place for someone to consider committing indiscretions” !!!! Indiscretions! He meant crime I suppose, but the OED describes indiscretion as ‘want of discernment or discernment; in later, want of judgement; imprudence’ Like loosing thousands on the gaming tables, having an affair or seeing Kate Ceberano live in concert? Indiscretions are Star City’s raison d’etre. "The letters generated by an unknown author have sought demands from Star City Casino and have effectively used MasterFoods as a medium for that," Superintendent Cotter said. When asked if the extortionist could be a disgruntled employee of Star City Casino, Superintendent Cotter replied: "That's a matter of absolute speculation. It could be anyone in Sydney." He said the letters had been typed or handwritten and were "rambling" in their wording. It could indeed be anyone in Sydney. Consider it highly unlikely that individual knows what they want, or even remembers writing the letters. The MasterFoods president, Andy Weston-Webb, thanked customers for their patience and said the company would restock retail outlets once it was safe to do so. Fresh bars would start to be produced from this Thursday. * Five extortion threats have been received at the MasterFoods head office in Ballarat. * More than 3 million Mars and Snickers bars have been crushed and buried in a landfill site at Lucas Heights after a statewide recall. Lucas Heights also being the location of Australia’s only nuclear reactor, bringing new possibilities to the concepts of ‘meltdown’.


Mia Farrow steps back into the public eye to demonstrate yet again her own lack of judgement when it comes to men here Despite being badly burned when then partner Woody Allen took up with her young daughter, she’s still willing to go into bat for man who raped a 13 year old and who is suing a newspaper for saying he flirted inappropriately. She also appears to have had a disastrous face lift.


Got nothing better to do on a Sunday? Why not revisit AN AUSTRALIAN TRAUMA HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND

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