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2 Responses to “My stats from the hit counter”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Heh, I don't show up unless I come here to leave a comment, because I'm reading you from my LJ friends page. Sorry for messing up the stats! ;)

  2. Anonymous Dave 

    hey Em!!

    thanks so much for your call the other night! i'm so sorry i talked so much (i surprised even myself, especially after announcing at the start that i had absolutely no news!). this honours thesis is really eating away at me, and it was just so nice to chat...! you're a great friend to have put up with my rambling for so long!!

    thought i'd stop by and check out your blog, which i see is indeed filled with pretty colours, as promised! your computer skills are well noted.

    here's a link to info on the new category of US visa available only for Australians that we were talking about, thought you might be interested? lets go get jobs in congress!!!

    hope to see you soon!

    in solidarity
    (that's just for nostalgia! read 'love')

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