................ part iii

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I cannot believe how drugged I feel. My doctor described Di-Gesic as 'morphinesque' and I am feeling very spacey. No-one at work has really noticed because outwardly I don't look any different. Nor has my general work performance really changed. I slept well last night, in bed at nine with Chopin's preludes for the piano playing me to sleep. I woke stiff but a little better this morning. My back still feels like it is black with bruises, the thought of having a massage right now makes me want to scream in agony. Lots of hot baths and hot water bottles and I'll see the chiropractor at the end of the week. It's lucky Mum never took any interest in my (negligible) childhood illnesses or I would be so into secondary gain right now. I am getting some nice attention from my colleagues though. Claudia the psychologist has just been around to our workstations asking us all how we are. We sit in groups of four and my group is like the walking wounded at the moment. Melissa has an aching jaw and Steven stacked his ankle 4 weeks ago in Darwin and is still limping. Claudia used to do drug and alcohol counselling in the detention centres and said she would manage my detox for me if I needed to! (Just kidding Mummy!)

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