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I’ve mentioned my irritation with Silent Witness below, but when I turned on the TV a bit early so not to miss the beginning of Spooks and caught Sam Ryan, the world’s most brilliant conductor of post-mortems in a moment of over the top high-horse pompousness I caught something fabulous. She was telling someone, possibly a son she abandoned at birth, to get his act together and be a bit more hardworking like her, when he chucked her and her handbag out into the road. Shaking her head sadly (she had done her best with this ungrateful brat) she starts collecting the stuff that fell out of her bag onto the road. Wonderfully, quietly and totally without that show’s hallmark-meaningful-build-up-sound effect a car comes along and skittles Sam, leaving her bleeding and unconscious on the road.
It was perfect, under stated, no screeching brakes or close up of horror on Sam’s face as she sees the car coming towards. Just drive, thump, plop and achingly self-important Professor Ryan is taken out.
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8 Responses to “Wonderful TV moment”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    I'm reading you, Em - don't stop writing!

    By the way, if you're interested, our wedding pics are now online. [Link]

  2. Blogger cheerbear22 

    And me! Can't wait to see pics of the sock monkey... xx

  3. Blogger Emma 

    Thank you both so much for the lovely messages.

    Helen, the wedding photos are stunning. You both look very beautiful and happy.

    Pictures of Sock monkey coming!


  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    emmsy, i'm reading

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