Am I misanthropic?

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Or is the use of exclamation marks in this website I have stumbled onto just way over the top?
Happy New Year everyone! What a year we've had! Brenna had a fantastic first year at school. She enjoyed every new experience and is now an excellent reader. She received the school's award for Academic Excellence in her class and tapped to "You Got a Friend in Me" for this year's dance concert. Next year she will be doing tap and classical ballet and can't wait for school to start again. Quinn had another great year at daycare (just one day a week) and is eager to start preschool. He still loves Gymtots and received a trophy for his good work this year - he's quite a little monkey and I have no idea where he gets that from!! Mark is still with Channel 7 and they are so great to work for! We are very lucky! I've been helping out a bit at Brenna's school in the tuckshop and helped to set up the uniform shop which was fun.
Ugh! (exclamation mark appropriate) The whole suburban life thing - uniform shops, gymtots, jazz ballet...takes me back. School canteen mothers, participating actively in class, these kids get standing ovations, I can tell.

6 Responses to “Am I misanthropic?”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    The abuse of exclamation marks is rather distressing. Additionally, people who make public pages with photographs of (and lots of information about) their children really worry me. There are FREAKY PEOPLE out there on the internet. By all means put your own pic up if you wish to, but there's no need to do the same to your children.

    H xx

    PS Firefox is the best. :)

  2. Blogger cheerbear22 

    I think what I like best is the link to her "baby naming pages". she seriously recommends "tinka belle" as a name choice??? Concerned....

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