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In which Emma and Fi go to the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Julius Caesar at Walsh Bay. PROLOGUE A portent of things to come In the car on the way to the theatre, the first song to start playing is Ben Lee’s ‘Gamble everything for love’, the song that gave Fi’s ex, B a brief meltdown, leading him to text her pleading to get back together. She refused. ACT ONE The bar at the end of the wharf for pre-show drinks
Emma and Fi are having drinks when Fi spots B, the very ex-boyfriend who gambled love on a text message. Has he seen them? Who is he with? They follow him into the theatre, and see that a young woman accompanies him. They take their seats in the front row. From their seats higher up at the right, Fi and Emma have a perfect view of both the stage and the front row sitters. It occurs the Fi that it would be appropriate to be seen with a man. At that moment one comes and sits down next to her, alone. D has a free ticket, as a cousin is involved in the production. Nothing if not resourceful in such circumstances, Fi strikes up a conversation. ACT TWO The first half In which Caesar returns victorious to Rome with great fanfare and Brutus and Cassius start to feel that he is getting way to big for his boots and endangering their beloved republic. The women start to get very bad feelings about things, especially Calpurnia (Caesar’s wife, played by a young man) who tells him no to go the forum on the Ides of March. Of course he does, and history takes its course. The little girl playing Brutus’s servant mops up the blood, and everyone’s hands get covered in it. Mark Antony, Caesar’s right hand man, is offered power as long as he doesn’t make a fuss about the murder. ACT THREE Interval D is taken with us for drinks so Fi can be seen with him. B passes by Fi but they do not acknowledge her. Back in the theatre, B is visibly agitated. ACT FOUR The second half Mark Antony addresses his Friends, Romans, Countrymen, getting a general feel for the way public opinion is blowing and subsequently reassesses his options. In order that the actor playing Caesar can walk around in a ghostly fashion the part of Caesar’s body is played by a waxy, shrivelled and very short ET-like doll. Brutus’s wife’s feeling about things gets so bad that she swallows fire and dies. The bad energy spreads to Brutus and Cassius, who also die at the point of a knife. During an extended scene change in which the cast light hundreds of candles Fi and Emma decide to follow B out of the theatre. ACT FIVE Walking Following B and mystery woman down the long, long corridor to the street, all the while maintaining animated conversation with D, who has of course been rather used by the whole exercise. Fi and Emma lose sight of B & co. in the street, but see a familiar Mercedes parked up the road. ACT SIX Car chase Fi is rather frustrated that they have lost sight of B. They circle the area and head home. Suddenly, pulled over under the bridge, is B’s car! He is pulling out. Fi pulls over to let him pass, then follows him. But did he see her getting into her car, and was he waiting for her? B is followed through the streets of Sydney. In the tunnel east she passes him. Mystery woman is not in the car with him. Hearty laughter takes place at thought that he is possibly very freaked out, and unable to concentrate on the play. B takes the nearest exit as we speed east, passing him again on the way home.


  1. Anonymous Helen 

    I enjoyed this post - thank you for sharing the drama! :)

    PS. I like the new layout.

  2. Blogger cheerbear22 

    Sounds as though off-stage drama nearly as captivating as on! What an adventure. I like the merciless and shameless utilisation of "D" in the whole strategy!!!

  3. Anonymous ykw 

    Gosh, they say that life's a stage etc! Brill story. Poor D will never know! No doubt it brightened up his night too.
    It reminds me of a line from an old song - "I was looking back to see if she was looking back at me to see if I was looking back at her" ! ! !

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