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Relationship centres 'to help families resolve disputes' There are so many points in this article that I could take up, but I think I’ll just stick to one.
Alex Peniazev from Men's Rights Agency said the current laws favoured women over men. "The centres are a good idea but our concern is that we are not getting what we want, which is equal rights for men," Mr Peniazev said. "The current Family Law Act is full of unfairness and inequality - children have the right to have contact with both of their parents on an equal basis." I would like Alex Sad-bastard-misogynist Peniazev to know that I fully support his right to:
  • Be five times more likely to still have a HECS debt when he is 65
  • Earn 30% less than other men
  • Do 90% of the housework
  • Live in poverty after a divorce
  • Spend all his earnings on childcare
I wish to point out however that I do not hanker after equality with him.

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  1. Anonymous Helen 

    I don't think I've ever seen an article so free of any Acutal Information.

    (Of course, I don't make a habit of reading The West...)

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