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Originally uploaded by Joshb60796.
I just went to flickr and searched 'tired' and I got a lot of pictures of cats. I've always been a sucker for their paws. Memories Someone has just reminded us that it is the anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Eight years. It appears that we all remember where we were when we found out. I was in Germany, mum phoned me to ask if I had heard about the 'world tragedy' that occurred. I remember the first thought that popped into my head was 'So, Charles can marry Camilla now and still be king'. I was in Berlin on the day of the funeral, and there were flowers piled up outside the British embassy. Then later on the U-Bahn I saw a man reading one of the British tabloids, naturally covered in photos of Diana and the princes. He was sitting alone, reading this paper and he had tears silently pouring down his cheeks.

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