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Firstly: Brogden’s self harm/suicide attempt I debated with myself about whether I should take down Monday’s post about this, was it now in rather bad taste. But I thought no, it was an honest response to events at the time, and I certainly wasn’t the only person chuckling about it. So, I think the question here is was John Brogden driven to do this by the media, as some of his colleagues have said today? Let’s take this in chronological order, shall we?
  • Brogden elected leader of unelectable Liberal party as a young unknown, is seen as relatively wet liberal, boy from bad background made good through hard work.
  • Brogden starts to turn things around, starts gaining in the polls.
  • Bob Carr resigns, the Liberals look like having a shot at winning government.
  • Three weeks ago Brogden goes to a party and in the words of the SMH has an ‘alcohol-fuelled night during which he pinched one journalist's bottom, propositioned another and referred to Bob Carr's wife as a "mail-order bride".’ This behaviour is generally considered to be racist, sexist and very stupid.
  • On Monday morning this became public, possibly leaked by Brogden’s enemies within the Liberal Party.
  • 11am Monday – Brogden resigns in disgrace. All his political aspirations dashed against the rocks, as it seems are the NSW Liberals hopes of winning the next state election.
  • Brogden blames his enemies in the Party, namely Alex Hawke, President of the Young Liberals, for working against him.
  • Wednesday’s Telegraph runs with His sordid past revealed.
  • Presumably Brogden finds out about this late on Tuesday night.
  • Sadly, like many other people in Australia, despite having his health and his family, Brogden feels that the pain is so bad that he cannot go on, and the above mentioned self harm/suicide attempt takes place.
  • He is in a stable condition and is expected to be released later today.
So I think the following points need to be made:
  1. Yes, I do think that depression, self harm and mental illness are genuine, treatable and deserve to be taken seriously and sympathetically.
  2. Brodgen was drunk and emotional when he did this.
  3. The media, and the public, did not tell Brogden that his life was not worth living now that he had lost the party leadership, even though he still had his health, family and seat in parliament.
  4. The sexist, racist comments were a genuine story and the media were justified in reporting on them.
  5. The media could not have been expected to predict that reporting the story on Monday would spark a chain of events leading to self harm or suicide.
Other Intensity A non-Muslim but feminist woman I work with came in today wearing a full face covering burqa today, in some sort of solidarity action with this. I have just spent the last 45 minutes dealing with two work mates trapped in a lift that would not open its doors. Interestingly, no one answers when you use the emergency phone, they found.


  1. Anonymous Helen 

    I made a snarky post about it, which turned into something even more frivolous and snarky in the comments. Oh well, locking it to Friends-Only just in case there are lawyers watching. I still think he's stupid (even more so in light of recent events).

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