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Just stumbled upon this telegraph columnist’s gallstones of wisdom.
DIARIES should only be kept by world leaders of note, Nobel Peace Prize winners, rock stars with wicked tour tales to tell or 13-year-old girls coming to terms with being a teenager*. Rarely should anyone else keep one – let alone an internet diary in the form of a blog.** For the most part they are the height of egotism, nearly always banal and often a psychological cry for help. Why some pimply-faced geek, sicko or average Joe Blow thinks someone else wants to read every random thought that crosses their mind is beyond me***. Alongside the belief that we all have a novel in us – we haven't – blogging is the ultimate form of narcissism. So I was horrified to read last week that a new blog is born every second.
*Pepys anyone? **For your thoughts to be valid, you have to be on Rupert Murdoch's payroll and printed in trash-rag telegraph. *** Check out the random thought’s that cross Anita’s mind here. Sample random thought:
Ladies, you had best get with the program. There are some things in life you just can't compete with. Getting between a man and his sport is one of them. So a word of advice to the fairer sex: this weekend is not the time to be wanting quality bonding
Then again, maybe narcissistic random thoughts of pimply-faced geeks are to be preferred. PM: RANDOM THOUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF NIGHT: And who the hell wants to read diaries of world leaders of note, Nobel Peace Prize winners, rock stars with wicked tour tales to tell AND IN PARTICULAR 13-year-old girls coming to terms with being a teenager.


  1. Anonymous Helen 

    She's rather awful.

    It's clearly fine for her ilk to subject us to their dribble, but heaven forbid that anyone else do a spot of self-publishing.

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