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Fabulous documentary on SBS last night on break-up and divorce. A father is talking about the break up of his 25 year marriage with two of his teenage daughters in the kitchen. He is annoyed because he thought 'marriage was for life' and his wife left him for someone she met on the internet. The elder daughter says that she thinks marriage is old fashioned, just a piece of paper and 'women don't want to be tied down anymore'. The younger girl then says something that leaves Mum and I like beetles, on our backs and kicking our legs with laughter 'It's not just the piece of paper, it's the dress and the whole day.'
Many thanks for all the Canberra advice. I am investigating accomodation options in Kingston, which would be very convenient as I have business in Fyshwick (not the sex industry).

5 Responses to “BEFORE I FORGET”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Ahahahahah...oh, it's only funny because it's so fucking tragic. ::sigh::

    While planning how to get married in the least stressful and most efficient way possible, I spent some time on the forums at, where this attitude was frequently mocked using the words "MY SPECIAL DAAAAAAAAAY..." :)

    It's more than just a piece of paper, only in that it's also an attitude change amongst one's more stupid friends.

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