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can you pinch more than an inch
Far back in my distant past, I was the elected Women's Officer at my Student Union. Most of the year was spent having rows with private school boys, staying up till 4am in the student paper office and plotting in the women only space with some fabulous comrades (including H). One of the more successful campaigns the collective ran was NO DIET WEEK. We had this smart picture blown up to A0, bought a whole lot of chocolate muffins and apples and made ourselves popular by handing them out all over campus with our super-duper non-threatening feminist campaign. People loved the massive posters, and I gave most of them away, including one to a mad american academic in the marketing department, who thought that it was part of some anti-movement from the US, where people were actively requesting full fat food. I spent the year racing around campus, eating trash food on the run (or college food, worse) and I was as thin a rake.
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That man leaning in was a total nutcase called Steve who joined the Greens, then the Labor left, then the Liberals, then the Labor Right, and last I heard had decided to cut all his political ties because he wanted to become a journalist and needed to be seen to be politically neutral. I will always call myself a feminist. I was a passionate activist once and I really believed in this campaign but now, five years later, I can pinch about 3 inches and I AM FREAKING OUT. I have had to try on size 14s in shops, trousers look horrible, fat rolls over my gym clothes, I can't stop eating, especially cheese. I used to be fairly affectionate about my spare tyre, but now it's out of control. Having worked in a cosmetic surgery clinic I know that liposuction is not the answer. The receptionist went into the operating theatre to watch once and nearly threw up. Then there are the pressure garments. No. It will have to be diet and exercise. Hence yesterday's body balance class. Hence trying to control my Binka habit. I don't know if this is a victory for capitalism and the patriarchy but I don’t like the feeling of that I’m wearing highwaisted shorts made of marshmallow. And while I’m establishing my left cred, here are a few more pictures.
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Those were the days.


  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Eeeeeeeee! Loved this post. Steve, what a nutter. :)

    There's a huge difference between caring how other people judge your body and just looking after it well because - after all - it's the only one you've got. I mean, it's yours and you have a right to do whatever you want with it, but it's a priceless thing, so it's probably worth considering being nice to it!

  2. Anonymous Jayne 

    Wow - this post took me back Emmy. I miss those days so much! And i agree with you and Helen - Steve was an absolute nutter. I seem to remeber him always wearing a long black trench coat.

  3. Anonymous Rae 

    Hi, Emma. I just wandered over here after Helen told me about it.

    'Tis Rae. I was Terrified Women's Dept Fresher/Clueless Sexuality Officer in 2000. Just saying hi.

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  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

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