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Five charming things:
  • This website had 99 hits yesterday, and I know they weren’t all me doing edits because of the number of unique visitors shown. Greetings readers, do please comment, I get so excited when people do.
  • I won $5 in the office sweep this morning. I bet correctly that my boss would arrive at 10am this morning, beating others who has said 9, 11 and not coming in at all.
  • I saw deer-like animals drinking at the waterhole last night. Still hanging out for an elephant, I think afternoon and evening is best if one is on Sydney time.
  • My lovely Mum arrived this morning, and is now staying in my lovely flat with me for the next five days.
  • Found these fabulous pictures via Karen Cheng. minimiam eclair people The full set are available at minimiam, do scroll through and look at the whole thing, they are delightful.


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  2. Anonymous D 

    Well I don't know about anyone else of those 99 visitors, but I'm reading you right now...

    Doesn't that feel creepy? I mean... what am I thinking as I read? What's going on behind my eyes? Am I merely scanning through or am I properly digesting everything you say and giving it the due ponderance?

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