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-----Original Message----- From: Emma Sent: Tuesday, 18 October 2005 11:41 AM To: Paul, Meaghan, Anabel Subject: Free fares to lure tourists Free trip? info below I am thinking about skipping radio tonight, for three reasons a) you remember what happened last week. b) I fell over on the way to the station this morning, twisting and bruising one foot and completely skinning the knee, shin and part of other foot. I had to hobble into the chemist and get betadine and a bandaid, which hasn't happened to me since primary school. c) I haven't missed a single class so far. Em -----REPLY------ From: Meaghan To: Emma Date: Tuesday - October 18, 2005 12:20 PM Subject: Munchhausen's by proxy Hi Em That sounds like a very stressful morning. Did you require hospitalisation? Are you in recovery? Gory details most appreciated. ........... Munchhausen's by proxy? Cheeky, isn't she? I'm having a good week though. Talking to people, writing stories, taking picture, getting out of the office. This is what I like doing and want to do all the time. When I'm not plotting to wound small children to attract attention to myself.

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