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Thank you commenters and emailers, I feel much better. I managed to get five minutes of radio edited in 2.5 hours last night, so am feeling pleased with myself. I have three weeks leave coming up which should restore my sanity. Slept well last night, only to wake to my clock radio at 6.30. I usually let it run for a few hours, political commentary mixing with my dreams. I listened to Fran Kelly talk to Michelle Grattan about the Vivian Alvarez Solon scandal, then I must have dozed off because I dreamt, although it seemed real, that Matt Price was interviewing John Howard about Vivian Alvarez Solon and the whole time he was doing it Price was gurning and twisting his face very strangely but because it was radio no-one could see it but me.
A few wonders of the net for the weekend: Court rules in favour of anonymous blogger A victory for slagging people off without saying who you are… Super Eggplant has some fabulous looking patterns on her site. Karen Cheng has a picture of the fabulous Café 130 on her October 4 entry, cleverly spotted by Cheerbear.

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