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I like the ABC, I really do, but sometimes their tendency for 'caring journalism' can bring out the inner fascist in me. On Monday the ABC decided to investigate the potentially massive problem of 'Oedipus in the suburbs' or the terrible crisis of children being conceived without ever being able to know who their real father is. ::VERY SERIOUS VOICE:: The program starts of on a shaky note, with an interview with the flaky twins, Anne and Helen. Anne and Helen's parents had a nice fifties wedding (photo supplied) but alas, their so-called father (their words) was infertile. Their mother, of course, was born to do nothing else but have children and her sister, a doctor, found a doctor who could help and the twins were conceived through donor insemination. We are not told where the gene came from that sadly prevented the sisters from being able to say their R's. When their parents divorced, their mother remarried and in a rage one day when they were 20, their step-father told them "He's not your father anyway" (Hint – this family conflict, parents break-up etc could be where the real trauma lies.) With this knowledge, a cavern opened up in their lives, they didn't know WHO THEY WEALLY WERE. AND THIS IS A FUNDAMENTAL WIGHT, TO KNOW WHO YOU WEALLY ARE After a painstaking search, they found their 'father'. It was the doctor himself. Sadly he had been dead for 10 years. Still, knowing the name of the man who wanked into a cup in 1959 then inserted a loaded turkey baster into their mother MADE THEIR LIVES COMPLETE. The program then moves onto interview a man who IS, in a number of respects, a TOTAL WANKER. He donated sperm over 300 times (deceitfully) about 20 years ago. Now he's concerned that he could have many, many children. These half siblings might meet, not know they are related, conceive two-headed children. Of course, it’s the fault of the SYSTEM. Not his, of course, for giving false names so he could make an easy 10 bucks, no. He’s really, really concerned at the lack of CHECK AND BALANCES. Another traumatized wanker, who donated regularly years ago for the 10 bucks a pop, is now campaigning against ANY donor insemination. "YOU ARE GIVING AWAY A POTENTIAL CHILD!" His group is called TANGLED WEBS. Those manic blue eyes staring into the camera saying 'They are my children, and I want to know them' can only hinder the movement towards identified donor insemination. It's a relief at the end of the program to meet a girl who is glad to be alive (through donor insemination) and loves her real dad - i.e. The man who brought her up, not the guy who wanked into a cup.

4 Responses to “FATHERHOOD”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    That is such utter crap. ::cries at the stupidity::

  2. Anonymous Ashlee 

    I watched that show too... it was funny when they were in Albury... cos that's where I'm from... and they were being dodgy in Albury, which didn't surprise me.

    The guy who was like "the only real father is a biological father"... how much of a freak was he?

  3. Blogger Emma 

    I know. I mean really, these children are loved and well looked after.
    How many people do we know that know exactly who their parents are and hate them anyway.
    I cannot believe that knowing your biological parent, who has had no involvment in your life and didn't even know you existed, can be so crucial to one's sense of identity.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i beg to differ with you, em. there are those of us- products of a biological mother and a wanker father perhaps, or adoptees like myself who have no idea who gave them life, who dearly love the parents who raised them but perhaps need to know their biological roots for a whole range of reasons. maybe it's different for a woman thinking about the woman who gave birth to her - i certainly don't think about my birth father much - and everyone's different, but the sense of identity you speak of is an intensely complex issue.

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