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Office job coping strategies, following a delightful long hot weekend leaving me feeling rested and ready for anything, only to get into the office and find that musty recycled air, boredom and restlessness sucks.
› make coffee - TICK! › look up favourite blogs – TICK! › go to 3hive, download fabulous music here - TICK! › look up Al Jazeera online - TICK! › 10.30am – eat packed lunch – TICK! Any more suggestions? HINT – go on, use the comment box. I know you have been thinking about it. PS - Happy Half-Birthday Mum

6 Responses to “MEG, YOU ARE SO RIGHT”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Some time wasters for tomorrw:

    The Onion - Satirical, funny

    Encyclopaedia Dramatica - Stupid and probably offensive, yet sometimes informative

    Stuff On My Cat - Also stupid!

    - an amusing cautionary tale

    FamilySearch - do some genealogy courtesy of the Mormons

    NSW BDM - or use the impressive genealogical resources of the NSW Government

    ...or, if none of these work for you, why not spend a day stalking friends and family using Google?


  2. Anonymous Sarah 

    You should develop an interest in astrology, there are at least 4 different good websitesyou can look over to learn what sort of a day you will have. Another time waster of mine is the daily ritual of doing the crossword and target puzzles. If I do well it also leaves with a great sense of achievement.

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