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I have been in a really bad temper all day. Not with anyone in particular, just generalised feelings of rage. I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to smash something, or deliver a big, karate-style high kick, and despite three coffees it just hasn’t gone away. I blame last night’s mega-stress inducing aural torture of a radio class, wherein I was reduced at one point to clenching my fists and three pages were covered in scribble to stop me biting my nails. The only moment of light relief was when, after hearing a radio report on a steam train ride from Sydney to Parramatta, which was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the line’s construction, doey Andy said, with genuine curiosity “Was that the same train that Harry Potter catches?” Then today a woman from the Big Issue was an absolute bitch to me on the phone when I tried to interviewer HER, as apparently some previous undergraduate interviewer has given one their sellers a nervous breakdown. What this has to do with me I do not know. There is some good news though.... Young people's knowledge of the Bible has deteriorated to the point where many children know of Jesus Christ only as a swear word, WA religious educators say Sucked in, John Laws

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  1. Anonymous Helen 

    The article on religion made my day. Thanks!

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