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Work was good today. Without the pressure of uni in my mind is much better, I got a lot of overdue stuff done, without biting my nails and feeling like I should be studying. Peter has marked our stuff already, so I'll go over and get it when I finish work. Then I can look forward to going home and spending a weekend watching TV, going to the movies, sleeping in and seeing friends without that pressure.
I checked on the internet today, while I was picking my final diploma subject, and found that I can graduate with a Masters if I do another 3 subjects. For some reason I thought it was 6. So that is something I am going to think about. It sounds great, but the added expense plus heavy research will have to be weighed up. It's not more likely to get me a job than the diploma, I'd just be doing it for the intellectual challenge.
Also, I took a leaf out of Helen's book and looked up the graduation gear. I would get to wear a mortar board! UWA, where I did my BA, does not have those anymore, which I think is very sad.

masters gear

I bet Mum would like to come to see me graduate like this! [with my face under the cap obviously]

4 Responses to “FRIDAY”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    I found looking at the regalia really motivating. Is that shallow? :)

  2. Anonymous Mum 

    Dear Em, Yes! Yes! Only three units to a Masters with a mortar board! Maternal abition is rising up, I could come to Sydney and take photos of you in your morter board to put in the family Christmas letter! Only joking.

    Serously though, if you ever ended up wanting to do some tutoring or lecturing it would help you, once you've got some more experience on a paper - you never know, when you get tired of reporting from the front line, you might like a nice day job :-)

    Lots of love, Mum

  3. Anonymous Mum 

    Oops, should have previewed - make that aMbition and mortAr board - don't want to let the side down!

  4. Blogger Emma 

    Helen - Of course it's not shallow! We have to take rewards where they are offered!

    Mum - the support is lovely. Very much doubt teaching job in the offing though, UTS is awarding thousands of these things!

    Love Em xxx

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