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No more classes or assignments. I handed in 70% worth of work yesterday and I’m elated by the thought of all the free time stretching ahead of me, just waiting to be filled by whatever I want to do. But the task list is filling up fast. Last night I phoned dear friend and reportage media editor Meaghan, who answered the phone in a truly adorable and charming voice, because she thought it was her boyfriend calling, and I have committed to write three stories her. I want to see if I can fix up a story I did earlier in the semester and try and do something with that. And I have an interview that I did six months ago that I need to finish. I have 12 sock monkeys to make. I have Christmas cards to send. TV to watch. Christmas tree (or similar) to locate for fireplace (40cm maximum, under $10). An expensive gym membership I may actually have the time and energy to use. I may also attempt to pull my finger out at work and not spend entire days blogging and doing assignments. Not today though. I’m leaving at lunchtime for the AGM of the community housing association which I am on the board of. I was at work till 7.30 last night photocopying and stapling the annual report which had been left until the last minute so Kinkos couldn’t do it. I could have got it done quicker but the copy emailed to me for editorial tweaking was, but for the financial statements, ENTIRELY done in Comic San MS. Such a cute font, just like a child’s printing. So utterly fugly and inappropriate for an adult, professional document. Everything this organisation does is printed in Comic San MS and I hate it with a passion. It’s just so ….. naff. It just screams “I’m so totally excited by the range of 100 fonts and styles in MS Word that I’m going to use them because I haven’t noticed how munted they actually look on the page.” The other thing the headings had shadowing. Who does shadowing anymore? I felt a bit bad, because I actually like the people that did this report and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. I’m not a graphic designer, but I can’t bring myself to produce and copy a document like that. I changed it all to Arial. Like this blog. Must go now and check for updates on the town hall fire which caused much scurriment and announcements at the station this morning.


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