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  • I have just read over my recent posts and noticed that although I have had a fair bit to say, there hasn’t been much about what I have been doing lately.
  • Due to beaking forward to look at the computer at work this week the old shoulder/neck problem at work has reared its head. I tried to give myself a DIY chiropractic adjustment last night, by throwing myself over the back of the sofa as fast as I could and holding myself at a sharp backwards angle. This actually seems to have helped.
  • Fi’s lovely boyfriend Will has bought a DVD player for the flat. I watched the first fifth of Pulp Fiction last night, to check how faithful my impersonation of Mia had been at Anabel’s party a few weeks ago – see photo below.


  • I have now begun to have serious thoughts of straightening my hair and getting a fringe. My boss says their very expensive Japanese hair straightening is very good. Am sceptical though – most Japanese people I have met already have very straight hair. But maybe that makes them experts.
  • Updating this blog from a different computer today I had to type in the URL and accidentally wrote psot instead of spot and was very, very surprised to be taken here!
  • Can anyone tell me what the animal might be that is screaming hysterically at a high pitch somewhere near my roof about 11 every night. It’s not a cat. Possum maybe?

5 Responses to “ME – DOT POINT UPDATE”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Anonymous Helen 

    Hey you got spam-commented!

    I like your Mia - very nice. :)

    I do the self-chiro too; the more yoga I do, the more bits I learn to adjust. But I prefer to crack them slowly, in case of damage. I start with my upper back hanging over the edge of the couch, relax and wriggle until it pops, then move down a few vertebrae and repeat until I reach the bottom. People think I'm a freak, but it's GREAT.

  4. Anonymous ykw 

    Gosh, I went to the PSOT link, after staring at it in wonder for some time, a voice that sounded as though it was coming from a deep tunnel called 'halloooo ooo o" Do you think this is a sign? :-)

  5. Anonymous ykw 

    What can the blog administrator possibly have removed?

    And love your Mia

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