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Sometimes I think my mother has a more eventful weekend than I do, in which case it is simply easier and more interesting to write about that. My parents were invited to a birthday dinner for a woman friend of Mum’s at the Weld Club. I cannot find a Weld Club website, however it is named after Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld, GCMG (1823–1891), the highlights of whose career I found on Wikipedia

  • One of his more significant campaigns was to ward against any potential discrimination against Catholics in New Zealand.
  • In 1852 he visited England, where he published a pamplet, Hints to Intending Sheep Farmers in New Zealand, which ran into three editions.
  • He briefly returned to England again to marry a distant cousin, Filumena Mary Anne Lisle Phillipps, with whom he would have thirteen children.
  • Weld insisted that his policies for dealing with Maori should be adopted — punishment for "rebellion" would come in the form of confiscation of land, not any form of criminal proceedings.
  • In 1869 he began a career as a British colonial governor with an appointment to the post of Governor of Western Australia.

The Governor of Western Australia, always an honorary member of the Weld Club, gives us this insight. Together with a few other young Army officers, these two formed the core of the initial foundation members of the Club in 1870. I can see it now, a group of languid military officers from the gentry, slightly bored, sitting around having a good smoke, and saying to each other, “what this place needs chaps is a decent club where a fellow can enjoy himself in the company of gentlemen”. Clearly, Perth was ready for such a move forward. [emphasis added] read more… So it’s a total stuffed chesterfield hell house. The Weld Club does not allow women to be members, and I imagine the only reason this has never been challenged because it’s better that Johnny crashing fascists remain within their own enclosure. Anyway, so, bizarrely my parents have a friend who is having her birthday party there. Let’s call her L. L has a very cushy job at university, lecturing about 1.5 hours a week. She got this presumably on the strength of her Masters degree, which was supervised and marked by a man she was sleeping with (possibly a Catholic priest). She later went on to marry his brother, who died shortly afterwards, leaving her a great deal of money. The lawyer who handled the probate is a Weld club member, and he hosted this party. So Far, so weird. Mummy tells me that looking through the visitors book she noticed Sir Charles Court had signed in his wife many times. Lady Court. Lady Court sounds to me like a seventies brick block of flats with cheap cast iron railings. At 11.30 they call a taxi. At 1am the taxi still has not arrived. According to Weld club reception they have a lot of trouble getting taxis to pick up their guests. Eventually my parents trek into Northbridge and get a taxi there, only to return home and find their 7 year old arthritic dog, Rocco, completely missing. After searching entire house and garden, Dog reappears. My parents spent all of Sunday recovering. FABULOUSNESS ON POST SECRET*

katie holmes

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3 Responses to “MONDAY SNIPPETS”

  1. Anonymous ykw 

    Absolutely fascinating. I assume the advice to sheep farmers in New Zealand included more than a few hints on how to dispossess the Maori of land. It is tempting to make one of the usual jokes but I think the title says it all.
    During the long wait for the taxi that never came, I ventured upstairs to the library, the spot for each gentleman was equipped with a recessed brass ashtray.
    I wonder if they have a copy of the book by the venerable Mr Weld. It would make for a fascinating read.
    Have they banned smoking, I wonder or only women who are fortunate enough NOT to be associated with a member?
    The room we were in was presided over by a formidable portrait of George Wittenoom of blue asbesstos fame.
    I assume there must be a portrait of Phillip Morris somewhere, but I missed that.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    where has the grass gone? serenity has left your page..............

  3. Blogger Emma 

    I'm glad you like the grass, because I really like it and some people said it was a bit boring. I'm experimenting with different stuff. They are all stored here and I'm happy to accept suggestions!
    Em :+)

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