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Oh, the leafy green streets of Perth’s western suburbs are the place to be, so comfortable, such a nice place to raise kids, such wonderful building restrictions, well-educated people and they are truly blessed to have a local paper that prints absolutely every single letter it receives. Nuclear power is not perfect, but it is way ahead of anything else. The human race will not be around for much longer, so why worry about 250,000 years? Sadly, it doesn’t take 250,000 years to develop Leukaemia, as the people of Chernobyl could tell you. Otherwise, a small reactor chugging away in Bold Park [lovely urban bushland , well-preserved-through-timely-community-action-involving-much-writing-of-letters-to-local-paper] would be great for that street Christmas light competition, and the hot water from the cooling tower would certainly heat up the pool on a chilly morning! Some 99.9% of my customers are decent, honest people, but your thievery has really made me question the state of our society and makes me wonder why I bother trying to run a business. Two handmade handbags gone forever. I despair of our leafy suburbs, when the 0.1% sicko population can come along a ruin it all so quickly. When, oh when are the council going to legalise strip searching for our own commercial protection? And I bet the filthy poor people that buy those knocked-off handbags at some tacky trash’n’treasure stall will never appreciate the craftswomanship that went into them. A 40-year-old Swanbourne man spent the night frozen with fear, clinging to a Claremont cliffside above Freshwater Bay, just metres from plush riverside homes. JUST METRES FROM PLUSH RIVERSIDE HOMES! Honestly, you work your fingers to the bone for a plush home in a delightful riverside area and someone goes and gets themselves stuck on cliff just metres away. The despoliation – it makes the area sound unsafe and residents seem uncaring dingbats who don’t give a toss about what happens beyond the plush wall of their glorious breeding boxes. What? I mean, what? This man lives across the road from my Gran. I normally think he is a bit of a nutcase but I rather agree with some of this letter – at least the stuff my generation having to pay for absolutely bloody everything.

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