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(Got this from horrible snugglepie site (“celebrating womanhood”) whilst investigating post on baby names.) As the weather warms up and the final assignments get written my thoughts turn to the most wonderful birthday of the son of some peoples great imaginary friend in the sky, involving extremely highly priced flights to Perth, sleeping in my old room, battling the crowds at Victoria’s Basement and wondering why on earth my mother actually thinks she will enjoy hosting 24 people to Christmas dinner. The year before last we had 12 people, forcing me to open the champagne at 10am and administer to mum in half hourly doses, which meant that by 1pm I was confident enough to ask about the ‘herbal’ women’s tablets I found in the bathroom, which made us both giggle uncontrollably and of course we couldn’t tell anyone at the table why we were laughing. I digress. Christmas. Very important. Lovely, relaxing time of family celebration and togetherness. Joy of giving. This year, as so many people are coming to lunch, and we hardly know each other, we are just doing presents for close family. We are also playing a ‘really fun game’ which involves everyone bringing a $10 present for no-one in particular, then when they are opened we can swop or fight over which present we really want. Did you spot the fun bit? So far I am in possession one gift, and it is for my parents’ new dog, Rocco. I think he will like it.

dog's christmas present

Other than that everyone is getting a sock monkey, and I am investigating the options afforded by having access to a lovely colour printer.


Other news Anabel has updated 400 seconds (see sidebar) - do have a look.

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