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Thousands of young white men have converged on Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia, and attacked people of Arabic and Mediterranean background From the BBC Oh, the Symbolism! Cronulla, a sandy beach in white bread south Sydney (incidentally an area where a lot of police live). Land of bleached hair, Kath’n’Kim accents, sunburn and miniskirts, where the teenagers gather to get drunk after dark and the adults describe the area as ‘god’s own country’. And the beach is such a symbol of Australia as a working class paradise, where everyone can enjoy sun and sand together, at no cost. This riot was allegedly kicked off when two lifeguards (another potent national symbol – bronzed Aussies) stopped a soccer games because the ball was disrupting other beach users, or something. These ball players were also brown Australians, but the wrong kind (Lebanese, of middle eastern appearance, whatever you want to call it) and apparently assaulted two lifeguards in retaliation for this. Which is bad. But it seems to have been not just an assault, but has been construed as a highly symbolic attack on the Australian way of life, of which the beach is a potent symbol. A text message circulated "Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the shire get down to North Cronulla to support the leb and wog bashing day …" Then talk back radio got involved. And surprise surprise. The kids of Home and Away have become the fascist youth. John Howard "I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country.” No, I wouldn’t call thousands of pissed thugs (the police had to ask the pubs as Cronulla to stop selling take away alcohol) chanted fuck off lebs UNDERLYING exactly. From the BBC online forum:online forum I can't say I'm surprised. I was shocked at how racist many parts of Australia were when I visited it a few years ago. In England the impression we get is often of a sun-filled, outgoing eutopia [SIC] like something out of Neighbours... but even in a short visit it was clear that they are very backwards in their integration and treatment of ethnic groups. tom, Swindon I could go on about Tom being surprised that Australia isn't like Neighbours, but that’s another rant. THIS IS AUSTRALIA PEOPLE! I hate meat pies, drinking in the daytime and I’d much rather a doner kebab than a sausage roll. I call Australia Day invasion day. I also think that the flag is ugly and I don’t care if people burn it. However no one is going to question my right to be here because I am white. And that’s what this comes down to. Racism on the beaches, fuelled by excessive drinking and government that is all too happy to appeal to the worst in us at elections time. Do read David Marr’s excellent analysis of the role Alan Jones played in all this here.
UPDATE: The excellent Chaser The news has been a public relations disaster for Australia, shattering its international reputation as a country where people are too lazy to form lynch mobs.


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