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These arrived in my work inbox yesterday. I am supposed to be happy?
ecard1 I have never met Anthony and Kristie, much less given them any support. ecard 2 I written here before about my intense dislike of Comic Sans MS, not increased when turned into wonky word art. Note that both this and card one use the same reindeer graphic. I also do not feel that my relationship with Finance has turned a corner with the this card, and that I’m still going to have the same agro phone conversations with them, in which they profess not to have heard of my branch, as I did before their touching Christmas message. ecard 3 This is the worst. More Comic Sans, identical border to card 2 and the ADMINISTRATIONAL [sic] team don’t know how to use spell check. Honestly, is there some kind of crappy MS Office package that does this? Does the horrible office assistant clipper pop up and say, “It looks like you’re trying to design a Christmas card. Here is a stock picture, an ugly font and border and hey presto! A card that takes about five minutes to make, costs nothing to send and conveys absolutely no thought or genuine good wishes at all.”

5 Responses to “CHRISTMAS SHITE”

  1. Blogger Ashlee 

    Wow... those are pretty shit.

    But it is the thought that counts apparently...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 
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