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The SMH writes today
DESPITE the focus on an ageing population, the number of children in Australia has been on the rise, an official report shows, raising questions about the potential to shift expenditure from the young to the old.
Bloody hell, that was quick. It was only last Saturday The Weekend Australian Magazine was telling us we were facing a population crisis because women (yes, in this debate it only ever takes one) were choosing to have fewer children, and later.
Otherwise [cue scaring music] the only option for us to keep the baby boomers in the style to which they have become accustomed is…. Da doom….IMMIGRATION
Yes, it seems that despite Howard, Costello and co. trying to tell us for years that we’re baby factories, women keep selfishly trying to take control of their own lives. The number of babies per woman is 1.83, well below replacement level. (How many babies per man, I wonder?) We keep asking for RU486, legal abortion on demand, childcare, maternity leave.
Meanwhile somewhere else at the Herald, Candice Reed, who was Australia's first IVF baby 25 years ago, speaks out.
For the 25-year-old, who was Australia's first IVF baby, numbers get nowhere near the simple heart of the IVF question.
"It's part of my life. I wouldn't be here without it," she said.
No, you wouldn’t. That’s life. It belongs in the same basket as those T-shirts that fundys put on their kids that say “I’m glad my mum didn’t abort me” and the right-to-lifers that ask “Would you like to have been aborted?” The never born; the precious cell clumps; the fantasy baby that doesn’t arrive after $30,000 and 10 years of heartbreak – they just can’t participate in teleconferences.
Ms Reed said the 12 young adults, who met by tele-conference on Monday night, were in a powerful position to demonstrate the personal triumphs of the technology, and to argue against rationing it.
Sandra Dill, executive director of the infertility support and advocacy group ACCESS, said young people experienced a variety of reactions when they revealed they had been conceived by IVF.
All of them said it was never mentioned in sex education classes
Shit! Really? You mean that 13 year olds are not being warned at school that attendance at an IVF clinic, involving thousands of dollars, powerful drugs and fertilisation via a tube under anaesthetic has a 20% chance of leading to pregnancy?
So what about those foreigners, eh? We could take whole families, help them, give them health care, but really we just want their kids, so…..
PARENTS who adopt children from overseas should get exactly the same government payments and leave entitlements as all other parents, a Federal Government committee has recommended. The Federal Government needed to become more involved to make it easier, quicker and cheaper for people to adopt children from overseas. The committee's chairwoman, the Sydney Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop, said: "In the area of intercountry adoption, ministers and their departments have been unaccountable for too long." The committee heard the number of adoptions - both from within Australia and from overseas - had significantly declined over the past three decades. This was as a result of wider availability of contraceptives, better family planning services, more women in the workforce and the introduction of the single parent's welfare payment.
Bloody hell, just like us? So now we can’t have their babies? I thought the deal was that because we were rich and they were poor, they would be happy to give up their children. Hmmm….
Ok ladies here is the process, based on the messages I’m getting from the government. 1. Form a stable, loving heterosexual relationship. 2. Start Breeding. Women, this is your job. No-one is going to ask your partner how he plans to maintain his career and have children. You do need him though – see step 6. 3. If this doesn’t lead to success, go to an IVF clinic – give them all your money, your mental health and keep telling yourself that you have a divine right to be a mother, whatever your body is telling you. Keep telling yourself this until you can’t think about anything else. 4. For the 80% of you who tried IVF and didn’t get pregnant, try and adopt. Try also not to think of the heartache of the natural mother, who, if she had had your advantages, probably wouldn’t have given up her baby in the first place. Above all don't think about other things you could have done with you life, and other wonderful things you have to give, other than parenting. 5. Keep your relationship going at all costs. Single mothers are welfare leaches who the government is legislating to get back to work. Just because they said having children is essential to the country, that doesn’t mean you can consider it a real job. 6. Single women and Lesbians – don’t even THINK about attempting steps 2-4 if you haven’t satisfied step 1 first. Just because the production and subsequent care of the child will be your responsibility, without the man standing by you are screwing up you kid’s life and John Howard doesn’t approve. Of course there is one desperately loved, healthy, foreign born but genuinely Australian child that John hasn’t seen fit to save. Why would that be, I wonder?

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