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I have been messing around on the net trying to figure what exactly Movable Type is and why everyone uses it and should I get my own domain name so I can customise and have clever things like categories and is it worth it anyway when I only get an average of 10 unique visits a day because hardly anyone I know blogs or reads blogs, but then would I just be doing it for myself or would that be utterly pretentious?
Things I have to get done before Christmas
  • Christmas tags for presents
  • cousins - problem
  • waxing - book appointment now!
  • clean house before Granny comes
  • justify expensive gym membership and try to relax by going to Yoga more often
  • Haircut - any point?
  • figure out how to use complex minidisc player so can record tracks and upload
  • how to get to airport on Christmas eve? taxi? should I book now?
  • write letter to John Howard about appalling attitude re: death penalty
  • fill in last 4 Get-up petitions
  • anti-Cronulla retards rally on Sunday at Town Hall - can I get some shopping done at the same time?
  • JOB APPLICATION see Meaghan about this on weekend IMPORTANT
  • Thinking of clever, interesting things to write on blog instead of posting rubbish from internet
  • Do sock monkeys need noses?



  1. Blogger Ashlee 

    I almost decided to pay for webspace and use movable type but in the end I decided that I couldn't actually be bothered! It looked kind of complicated, I thought it would take too much time. There is a free movable type provider I think and I signed up and tried it and I wasn't really that impressed... you couldn't edit your templates.

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