Five days

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I really only like posting when I’ve got something clever or funny to say. But nothing like that has happened. I had four days off work. On Thursday I rented 6 DVDs, including a divine Prime Suspect with cool, tough Helen Mirren running rings around all the men. I just have to watch Metallica Movie, rented on Cheerbear’s recommendation, before they’re due back. On Friday I went into 2SER and interviewed someone and edited the story together all by myself and tomorrow it’s going to be played on the radio. On Saturday I went to Bronte with Sarah and we waded about 500 metres in knee length see weed before giving up and going round to Tamarama, where the sea was a perfect clear blue and we got tossed around by the waves, and then I went home feeling like I’d stretched every muscle in my body and my hair full of salt. On Sunday Meaghan and Graham and I went to Centennial Park, where it was perfect. Sunny and dry and swift cool breeze in our faces. We rented bikes and circled the ponds and horses and paperbark trees. We lay in the grass and watched the ducks and drank iced coffee and it was the most perfect relaxation ever. Today I’m back at work.

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  1. Anonymous Ykw 

    That was actually very refresshing and nice and I felt as though I had had a bile ride and an ice cream after that.
    Thank you

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