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Philobiblion has sort of tagged everyone, and since she made me one of her Friday Femmes Fatales I thought I would give it a go. Four jobs I’ve had: 1. McDonald’s – urrgghh 2. Foreign Language Bookshop in Perth 3. Education Officer – National Union of Students 4. Receptionist for Surgeon who performs face-lifts and nose jobs. Four movies I can watch over and over: I can only think of one - A Room With a View Four places I’ve lived 1. Cairns, Queensland 2. Subiaco Road, Perth 3. Dresden, Germany 4. Sydney Four TV shows I enjoy: 1. Prime Suspect 2. Coupling 3. Shameless (much underwatched show in SBS, Monday 10pm) 4. 4 Corners Four places I’ve holidayed: 1. Bali 2. Finland 3. Brisbane 4. Albany, South Western Australia Four of my favorite dishes: 1. Mashed Potato (by me. I mash harder than anyone) 2. Teriyaki Chicken (as done by Taka’s kitchen in Perth) 3. Christmas Chicken (special W family recipe) 4. Passionfruit Ice-cream (made by Granny) Four sites I visit (week) daily: 1. Helen 2. Dooce 3. Go Fug Yourself 4. Me Four places I would rather be right now: 1. At home, having a bath 2. In Perth, lounging around with the dog 3. Berlin 4. Having coffee in Glebe

7 Responses to “Four things”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    You lived in Cairns? I had no idea.

    Taka's Kitchen is the best. :)

  2. Anonymous Em 

    I did live in Cairns, for the first 3 months of my life. So I don't actually remember it. My birth certificate has the word 'Queensland' embossed in giant letters diagonally across in the page though.

    Taka's kitchen in the best. I was very sad to see the one in town had gone last time I was back (maybe it has moved) but I went to the Freo one.

  3. Anonymous Natalie Bennett 

    Glad you took up the invite, even if it was an informal one ...!

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