I *heart* IKEA

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I thought about it, and I realised it would actually be easier to drive (my Gran's borrowed car) to Ikea here in Perth, buy whatever I wanted, pack in my luggage and take it back to Sydney than it would be to go to the Moore Park Homemaker Supa Centa in Sydney as this requires two buses and at least 5 hours. So I went this morning. Interestingly, every single family in Perth with at least 3 kids under 10 had also chosen today to go to Ikea. Weren't people supposed to be going back to work today? I sat on Scarborough Beach Road with my indicator flicking right for 15 minutes, my desire for clever plastic Swedish homewares slowing falling while I waited to just get into the driveway. Quite a few people on the left drove up to the entrance, looked at the car park and just drove off.. But once I made it inside it was good. I can ignore screaming kids if I have to, and it's easier if you look at their worn, out arguing parents lugging a pram the size of a small jeep while trying to agree on a Sofa and restrain the little bastards. One suddenly feels so young and free somehow. And there was so much fantastic stuff. Plastic lunch boxes with hinged lids $2.95 for a pack of three! One of the best things about Ikea is the way that you can find stuff you never knew you needed in the first place. I wasn't looking for a tray that makes heart shaped ice-blocks, but as soon as I saw it I had to have it ($1.95). Ditto the laptop bag ($14.95), colour storage solution boxed ($4.95), Mousepad with pretty coloured circles on it ($1.95). For once I had a car with me so I didn't have pay those smug bastards for plastic bags. Ikea is so concerned about the environment that they prefer you to put your stuff straight into your 4x4, rather that using those dolphin killing (or whatever the problem is) carrier bags. None of which impressed me in Sydney when I had to hug 3 giant cushions all the way home on the buses, plus carry wine glasses in my spare hand, because management at Ikea hadn't really considered you might be helping the environment in other ways.

3 Responses to “I *heart* IKEA”

  1. Anonymous Mum 

    I *heart* Ikea too.
    I have never managed to come out with just the item I originally went there to buy. Ikea no longer sell their special patented Christmas tree stands, made in Sweden, where real Christmas trees are the go, so you are conned into thinking they will be good. No - it is absolutely guaranteed to wait until you have the tree fully decorated, stand right back to admire, and then it topples over and breaking half your baubles, dropping pine needles and making you so discouraged the second decoratiing effort lacks the special something it had the first time. EVERY year it does this.
    We had to tie our tree to the curtain railing ( a spiky job). So much for Swedish know how. I would never buy a Volvo now.
    I still *heart* Ikea though.

  2. Anonymous Em 

    I didn't even go with anything in mind, I just knew I wanted some lovely IKEA stuff!

    As for the tree disaster, I'm looking forward to a clever fabric Christmas tree next time, whipped up on the lovely new machine!

  3. Anonymous Ash 

    I used to work at Moore Park Supacentre (and yes, it is a bitch to get to, that is why I quit... well, one of the reasons) andon my lunch break I always used to end up in Ikea! Not because I needed something... but because it is Ikea....

    After reading this I now have a desire to find an Ikea store in London... I wonder if it is as wonderfully cheap here... probably not.

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