Reaping the rewards

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Another bad day at work. Persistent headache only just lifting now. Board meeting of homeless men’s housing charity this afternoon. Cannot think of anything I feel like less right now, especially as I know there will be a dummy spit over denied funding which will require at least two hours of self indulgent ranting by attendees (not me, I’ve lost whole months of my life to pointless arguments in meetings, plus I just want to curl up on the floor and sleep. It has not stopped raining in Sydney for the last 4 days. Sub-tropical = shite. My computer screen is turning my eyes into hot, stinging lumps of lava but alternative activities away for desk (eg filing) induces stabbing pains in right upper back. I have just printed out all 50 pages of Shauna’s work category entries. It is somehow very comforting to read other peoples’ office misery and inertia stories, combined with job hunting frustration. Traffic to this site is up, a bit. According to hit counter gadgetry, some people found this site by typing the following terms into Google or Yahoo.
  • The weld club (am number 6 in the world!)
  • Hate sock monkeys (very disturbing)
  • tangled webs donor (coming here must have been a terrible disappoinment)
ONE BRIGHT SPOT: I have nearly enough frequent flyer points for a return trip to Fiji, or one trip each to Brisbane Melbourne.

6 Responses to “Reaping the rewards”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    [1] I am sorry work sucks.

    [2] I've been reading Shauna for the past few years - she's great.

    [3] Hate sock monkeys?? There are some sad, sad freaks out there.

  2. Anonymous shauny 

    oh man, i don't miss that stinky sticky january feeling at all!

    and glad to hear my archives provided some deal of comfort. i can't blog about my job anymore but let me reassure you i'd have plenty of menial tales to share if i could, to make you feel even better :)

    thank god it's the weekend, eh? :)

  3. Anonymous Mum 

    Congratulations on being no 6 inthe world on the Weld club googling!

    Just after you did your bit about the Weld club there was a short stir on the front page of the West and women being allowed in - and the usual flurry of predictable letters men being allowed into the CWA etc.

    I saw a letter today from Ron Whats -his-name from Ballajura of Not The West Australian today - Xenophobic rant, I presume this is typical.

    Love ya

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  5. Anonymous Anonymous 
  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

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