That film with the rabbit

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Someone I work with has just given us all headaches by saying “The new water tap looks like that rabbit, you know that rabbit in the film with the boy, he’s like the boy’s friend, the rabbit you know, it’s one of the 10 most popular films in Australia, what’s that film called, the film with the rabbit?” 20 minutes later someone figures it out. “Donnie Darko” And the new water tap in the office kitchen looks like the rabbit, apparently.
I’m celebrating a few things. Firstly, despite the above this is the first day in nearly two weeks that I haven’t woken up with a headache. I had a bit of breakthrough about fours days ago on my way back from the beach when the word “Panadol” flashed into my brain. I never normally take it because it does nothing for me but I just had this sixth sense that it might, this time. This has been a perverse headache that has not responded to my usually standby, double strength Nurofen. This week I have also got myself organised to get to work at 8.00, which means I get an hours peace in the morning plus I can justify leaving at 4.30 which is fabulous. Mum has found the wonderful Michael Nyman CD that I stupidly left in her CD player at Christmas. This has been a great source of worry to us both. And finally, it’s the end of my week! Yes, tomorrow is the Invasion day holiday and I along with 90% of my office I am flexing off on Friday. I don’t really have the time banked but I can make it up later and I booked this back in December. People that didn’t think this far ahead and who now have to come in so the office is moderately staffed are a bit… annoyed. It might help if us flexers stopped gloating. But we’re not going to do that.

6 Responses to “That film with the rabbit”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    You MUST post a picture of the Donnie Darko tap. Don't leave me in suspense like this! :)

  2. Anonymous Meg 

    Is it really Invasion Day? I thought the day has to do with the signing of the constitution or can i go 29 years without really knowing why the hell we actually get a holiday?

  3. Anonymous Em 

    Helen: Will take camera to work on Monday and post photo. Do hope it will not disappoint though - colleague's brain does not work like other peoples'

    Meg: Yeah, it's day Captain Cook landed and planted his flag in Sydney Harbour, or Botany Bay, whatever. Which as far as I'm concerned is why we don't have to feel any obligation to celebrate it, but can just stay home and sew or watch TV or whatever. :+)

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  5. Anonymous Anonymous 
  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

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