Various illnesses

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"He has done a tremendous service to all those who suffer mental illness," Mr Kennett said. "I'm very sorry for him personally that he suffers depression and that he has had to resign when he is quite clearly at the peak of his political career. But, in the way he has resigned, he has given great hope and great dignity to the thousands of Australians who suffer in silence." Jeff Kennett on the resignation of Geoff Gallop as the Premier of Western Australia to recover from depression.
Have a good break Geoff. *********************************************************
I must have developed a kind of physical telepathy with my parents’ dog. We both developed infected limbs at the same time, and required the same medication. Now my recurrent shoulder injury has flared up and Rocco has developed one, and is taking similar anti-inflammatory drugs that I do. I’m not sure if he’s affecting me or me him. P1010011 Either way, get well soon fluffy dog!

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  1. Anonymous ykw 

    Fluffy dog's Dad also has a sore shoulder. I told him he was "going out in sympathy". He considers this to be a red flag, militant union concept and distanced himself from the idea immediately.
    I still think he was going out in sympathy.
    Fluffy dog is getting better and enjoying a couple of short walks daily - not to mention his food, which he never goes off.
    Hope your shoulder is feeling better and that you are enjoying walks and food. I see the weather is Sydney is a bit cooler, that's good. (fluffy dog hates the heat too) Love from us.

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