As long as you've had your shots...

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John and Jackie are 15. They got bored one day, so John suggested having sex. But Jackie said it wasn’t a good idea, because she could contract a strain of human papilloma virus that can cause cervical cancer. “Otherwise it would have been no problem, mate” she said. Isn’t Jackie well informed? She must have read this article in The Australian. Vaccine sparks promiscuity fears CALLS to make a world-first cervical cancer drug available to girls as young as nine have been criticised because of fears it would promote teenage promiscuity. Trials of the vaccine, developed over 15 years by Australian of the Year Ian Frazer, showed it to be 100per cent effective in protecting women against infection with four strains of human papilloma virus that together cause 70per cent of cervical cancers.
So fewer women would show abnormal cells on their pap smears, fewer would have to go through treatment and ultimately, fewer women would die. That’s nice But experts concede it raises sensitive issues because it cannot cure existing HPV infections and, for maximum effectiveness, it has to be given before women first become sexually active.
How strange! A vaccine that you have to take before you get the illness for it work.
As a result it is likely to be recommended for girls aged nine to 15. The vaccine already has the backing of John Howard but Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said MPs should be allowed to debate its "social implications". Possible social implications of a reduction in cervical cancer:
  • Huge cost savings on cancer treatment for Medicare
  • Fewer dead women and accompanying upset relatives and friends
  • Honouring Professor Frazer this week, the Prime Minister said he would discuss with federal Health Minister Tony Abbott (uh oh. Mr No-sex-please-I'm-a-hypocrite) making the vaccine, to be marketed under the brand name Gardasil, available to young women across Australia. If approved, it could be available privately in the second half of this year at an expected cost of up to $400 for a three-dose course. An application for a Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidy would be likely shortly afterwards. But Senator Joyce said the decision whether to approve the vaccine should not be left to the TGA because "they will talk about the therapeutic aspects - they are not there to talk about the psychological implications or the social implications".

    Imagine. A drug evaluated on it’s health benefits. Vaccines are social things, aren’t they? It’s interesting that not only do these wowser politicians make no apology for blatantly trying to exercise control over women’s’ bodies, one would almost think they like the idea of ‘bad women’ becoming diseased. It must be good for us to think of sex as a potential killer, because that's what they want, and they somehow think it's any of their business. "There might be an overwhelming (public) backlash from people saying, 'don't you dare put something out there that gives my 12-year-old daughter a licence to be promiscuous'," he said.

    Because of course that’s how it would be delivered. The school nurse would say “Here's the sex jab dear, now have fun.”

    Senator Joyce - who has four daughters - said he would be "personally very circumspect" about giving such a vaccine to girls who were too young to cope with the potential consequences of sexual activity.

    It would be really good for Australian women if Senator Joyce could work out his personal issues around his little girls one day having sex privately. He also needs to understand that women can develop HPV at any age, from just one partner. Catholic women who wait until they married can get cervical cancer. Your wife could get it Senator - How do you think your young girls would cope with that, Barnaby? “We could shoot up heroin though, if you’re bored?” Jackie said. “Whatever. I’ve only got one needle though,” said John. “Oh, that’s OK. We got the Hepatitis B shots when we were 12, so we can share needles and still be OK.” “Great, no worries then. Give me your arm.”

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