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I got this email from GetUp on Monday: Subject: Malcolm Turnbull MP still undecided on RU486: Can you call him? Dear friends, Thank you for emailing your MP to support the passage of the Private Member’s Bill on RU486. As you are probably aware, the Senate passed the bill by an overwhelming majority and it is now before the House of Representatives. The debate starts on Tuesday and is currently poised on a knife edge. Your Member of Parliament (MP), Malcolm Turnbull, is one of a small number of MPs who have not publicly declared which way they will vote, and may still be undecided. There is significant political pressure on them to vote against the bill, with Health Minister Tony Abbott claiming that a “yes” vote is akin to a vote of no confidence in Parliament. The Prime Minister has also clearly stated his intention to vote “no”. From our communications with MPs, we know that they are significantly influenced by the views of people in their electorate. Because your MP remains uncertain about their vote, you have a unique opportunity to exert influence on his or her decision-making process, by making your views clear. Over 5550 people have already emailed their MPs urging them to support the Bill. Now we are asking you to go the extra step by ringing your MP’s office directly. Because you are in his electorate, you have the best chance of influencing Mr Turnbull's vote by ringing him and telling him how you feel. Mr Turnbull's phone number in Canberra is (02) **** ****. Can you call him today? You can find talking points on this issue on our blog. If your MP is unavailable, please speak to his staff and get a commitment that they will convey your comments directly to your MP. If you could let us know that you've called by replying to this email that will help us measure our progress. Thank you for being part of this – and good luck with your calls. The GetUp Team and Reproductive Choice Australia I actually chickened out on calling him, I think I was afraid I might actually get to speak to him. But there is an email feedback form on his personal website, so I sent an email explaining that I lived in his electorate, I supported TGA approval of RU486 and I hoped he would support it to. And today I got this back: thank you Emma for writing to me, I do intend to support the Bill. all the best malcolm There you go! I wonder how many calls and emails he got?

2 Responses to “Democracy in Action?”

  1. Anonymous suki 

    Great response- short, sharp and right!

    Can I pretend I got your response from my MP and we can all just ignore mine?

  2. Anonymous susoz 

    I live in Turnbull's electorate and also got the GetUp email and rang Canberra on Tuesday. I spoke to a woman staff member who said she would pass along my comments. She said that she did not know how he was going to vote. I'm very pleased to hear that he's voting in favour.

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