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We are recruiting at the moment, for a clerky type job. It’s reasonably well paid, and you need a degree. I have spent the afternoon calling people to get them in for interviews, so I had to look at the applications to get the numbers, and I found gold. I have changed some identifying details, to protect myself and everyone else. » List of Education completed stretches over a page. Includes Dept of Environment Artificial Insemination Course » Skills: chicken health » Interests: Surfing the internet » Major use of bolding: I believe that my skills, competencies, qualifications and experience have prepared me to take on the responsibilities of the advertised position. (Why is experience not bolded?) » Interests: Family, health, crafts, ceramics, arts, outdoor sports and Human Emotional and motivational problems (emphasis added) » Summary of Skills (each with a little tick symbol next to it) covering one whole page. Final skill listed: strong determination and loyalty » Applicant draws attention to valuable experience by a huge change in font. I counted four in one page. » Most people list their work history in reverse chronological order (ie they put their current job first, and work back). They do this because otherwise the first thing the reader will see when they look at your application they will see: Bouncing Bob’s Activity Centre – Assistant » Personal Qualities: Pleasant disposition (would make excellent ladies maid, circa 1890) » Finishes cover letter Yours truly, Applicant Yours truly???? It's only a job application, and everyone lies in those. » Thank you for considering my application. I can be contacted at fuzzywuzzybear@…. Remember people, these are the ones who have been selected for interview. I am not sure how this makes me feel about my prospects of finding another job in this crazy world. Maybe my CV needs work. In the meantime, I direct you to the cover letter samples over at A Softer World

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  1. Anonymous ykw 

    That was so much fun - I have never been paid for wading through job applications like that, you lucky doer.
    Did the experience in chicken health help him/her with CHICKEN emotional and motivational problems, I wonder?
    Do you get to be in on the interviews - would love to hear more on this topic!

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