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Mesmerised, by the trailer for Match Point, Woody Allen’s latest film. Not sure why, maybe it Jonathan Rhys Meyers, maybe it’s the obvious attractiveness of the London setting, and fascination that Allen has done something so different this time. Young people, London, no Woody. The film does not, ostensibly, look like anything special. Attractive young people messing up their lives in rather clichéd ways – “There are no little secrets”. And I have not enjoyed Allen’s recent films at all. But I think when you make movies like Annie Hall you buy a lot of credit with your audience, so we’ll see. Laughing at Sleepless in Seattle recut as a horror movie. Desperate to play Tomato Patch’s Sound of Music drinking game.

6 Responses to “Linking”

  1. Anonymous Helen 

    Great links; I can feel the hangover starting already and we haven't even played the Sound of Music game yet! Also, I love the new layout.

    I like Woody Allen because you always know what you're going to get. So comforting. (But London? That's a bit of a departure...)

  2. Anonymous Ashlee 

    Love the Sound of Music game!!! So keen to play it now... but yeah, I don't wanna think about the hangover either quite frankly.

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