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I've been thinking about the whole muslims-rioting-over-offensive cartoons thing and basically I think three things.
1. It's completely over the top, the rioting, of course. 2. The cartoons themselves, published if you're interested on Tim Blair's ugly blog, are rubbish. 3. Why haven't any of the wizards interviewed in the media suggested what I think is highly likely? Namely, that maybe those protesting about the cartoons are angry about more than just bad taste images of the prophet, and like the whole over the top Diana death grief thing of 1997 in our world, it's merely a catalyst for the outpouring of deep feelings of anger and frustration that some members
Anyway I was thinking all this as I was walking home when I got to Fiveways. Cutesy, fashionable Fiveways with its little streets and wanky cafes and quaint pub and then I saw this:

anti choice tossers

And I have to say it offended me and my values and beliefs and I felt like throwing a brick through the window.
I don't even know why these nerds set up in Paddington. The rich, conservative proffessionals of the Eastern suburbs might vote for Howard but there's no way they would put up with bearing unwanted children. No.
I see on the news tonight that Tony Abbott feels that the senate's vote to remove his veto over RU486 is a 'vote of no confidence in Government ministers.'
WELL SPOTTED TONY! Correct. As the holder of a law degree and the elected member for Manly you are not qualified to make medical decisions over drug safety and women's health.
And would someone please point out to the man that he was not elected Health Minister. He was chosen by John Howard. So stop whining about democracy in this debate.
If you are offended by suggestions that your Catholic faith would make you biased in your decision why not just approve the current application for the drug? That would prove you're not a christian right winger that wants to control women's bodies.
And as for your ridiculous 'This will lead to backyard miscarriages' claim, What? What? What is a backyard miscarriage? Is it like a backyard abortion, which thousands of women died of before abortion was legal? Or is it like the thousands of natural miscarriages that take place every year, entirely without medical supervision? Or just an attempt to cloud the issue?
And to the freaks who took out those ads threatening that women will die if medications are approved by doctors and scientists, rather than the elected, well, you lost today. Suck it up.
Must Watch TV In this program Compass goes back to the time before the pill, when abortion was illegal, when the single mother’s benefit was only a dream, when women with an unwanted pregnancy were faced with dire alternatives.

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  1. Anonymous Mum 

    The most fascinating comment I heard from Tony Abbott was he thought peoples' suggestions that he , as a Catholic, was unable to make a rational decision based on scientific evidence in relation to RU 486 - he thought what what was happening was a bit of, wait for it, "nasty religious stereotyping"
    How awful is that?? If I were 50 or so years younger I would be tempted to shout at the top of my voice - well you started it!!!

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