dear internet

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It's raining. I've just put another blanket on my bed and flannel pyjamas on. I've got a cup of tea and the radio is on, so I'm fully immersed in my old lady comfort zone. For the first time in a while I'm starting to relax and feel good again. I'm taking steps to alter a few things that have been bothering me for quite a while, and I'm feeling a lot less stressed, because I have not been feeling too good lately at all, I have to say. I'm thinking about buying fabric and planning my next sewing project, or making a day trip to somewhere I've never been and taking pictures. Spreading my wings a bit, having a bit more fun and ditching the routine for a while. Any suggestions?

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  1. Anonymous Ykw 

    Brilliant idea, try to do something different every day is a bit of advice i tried taking for a while and it does brighten you up. Just getting something different for lunch, eating it somewhere different, walking to a part of town you never go, popping into an odd shop or anything, buying a magazine, it is good to plan in the morning what you are going to do differently. i went shopping in South Perth one day and found new shops - very good.
    Anyway, have fun! ( Heve you been to the library lately?)

  2. Anonymous Ashlee 

    Am I right in thinking the pic in your header is taken from 2SER land atop the tower building? :)

    And have you seen this:

    The Pro Lifers are crazy. Hope all is well :)

  3. Anonymous Emma 

    Close! It's the view from my hopefully soon to be former workplace, which is not too far from the 2SER office on Pitt Street. The view from 2SER is better though.

    I love the sculpture in all it's craziness, the bear skin rug, the fact that he's using her as an example of great parenting, the fact that she actually had a ceasarian because she couldn't face the pain!!!

    I'm good :+)

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