I hate Sunday night

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Ashlee – do go and see Match Point, I think you'll like it. A very dark, compelling story about quite a charming, decent man who gets lucky and then very unlucky (or does he deserve all he gets?). Jonathan Rhys Meyers is fabulous, and it's a shining example of why it's very bad to have rich parents who hand everything to you on a platter.
How is it that Labor can ace election in the states, as they did this weekend in Tasmania and South Australia, and yet be so completely munted federally? And why is Simon Crean swaggering around like he's won an election, instead of just hanging onto his own preselection?
If you are looking for something to read, then don't go past Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (he of Remains of the Day brilliance). It's literary, readable, moving, fast paced and just utterly compelling. I started it last night at 8:30 and I finished it today at 6 after just stopping for a few breaks to eat and stop my head from spinning. When I was in late primary school and high school and book a day wasn't unusual for me, but it is now. Not just because I don't have the time, but because I don't find stories that grip me anymore. But I did with this and it was wonderful to be that absorbed in another world again. I have chosen it for my book club (because I am hosting the next meeting) and it's a fair bet that some members are going to hate it, with its incredibly dark theme slow revealations. Well, too bad. I really hope next week will be better than last. Less tiredness, less annoyance. It's been tough getting through work with a cut in internet time, but I'm learning to skive pretty effectively off-line too. I have reading to do, transcriptions to type and phone calls to make.

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