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Blog silence unavoidable – I've been using the internet at work too much apparently. The lovely reporting Ashley has recommended me on her site – and I can heartily recommend hers too. At the moment she's writing her way round Europe here and here. I saw Syriana today, and kept my eyes pressed shut during the torture scene. It was very good, very moving and violence, beautifully shot and no neat endings. Apparently Syriana refers to the dream some in the West have for remaking the middle east in their own image, which makes it a very cynical and appropriate title for this film. I've had the day off today, waiting for the washing machine repair man to come. He did, in time, looked at the machine for a while then announced that it needed a new timer (he fears a cockroach might have gummed it up), he didn't have the parts and would need to come back again, at some time at our convenience between 12-4. The flat is still full of flowers, chocolate and wine leftover from the journalistic salon that occurred here on Saturday night, a most satisfactory evening for all. I'm now sitting back, watching the bill (it's always the bill, isn't it?) under the delightful influence of still night. Sleep Well

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  1. Anonymous Meg 

    hmmm...a very contented, relaxed sounding post on flextime...could it be a coincidence that you were not at work today? ;-)

  2. Anonymous Ashlee 


    Thanks for the plug :)

    You still haven't told us about Match Point? Should I bother seeing it? I probably won't get around to it anyway, trying to save my pounds for touristy and travel stuff as well as pints of Strongbow.

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