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I've not been such a good blogger of late. The truth is that I have been so tired lately that I have lost my sense of humour and just procrastinated. What have I been doing lately?
  • Ruminating on the utter unsatisfactoriness of my current employment situation and planning possible solutions
  • Recording interviews for 2SER, then finding myself locked out of the building when I went to edit them into a story on Saturday
  • Committing myself to going out everynight this week. How did this happen? Tonight it's a lecture by Robert Fisk at the Seymour Centre
  • Basking in the wonderful and therapeutic hospitality of Meaghan and Graham, involving Thai Takeaway, The West Wing, fresh hot cross buns and fabulous tea in the morning
  • Helping a colleague with her German homework
  • Planning exquisite revenge for people who, after all the work I put into my applications, can't even be bothered to send rejection letters
  • Photocopying the entire textbook for one of my classes so I don't have to buy it.
  • Seeing Match Point - more on this later.

Looking over this list, it looks like I have been busy, and vaguely productive. But I am not liking the texture of my life at the moment, and contemplating the efforts I am engaged in to change it is wearing me out.

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  1. Anonymous Lucy 

    I went to Robert Fisk's Canberra lecture last night. Isn't he fabulous?!

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