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It's the end of the day and I can relax. I have washed up, taken out the rubbish, sorted the bills and left them on the kitchen noticeboard. The casserole has been shared out into four plastic lunchboxes , which I can take to work for the rest of the week.
I've got the lamp on, and Henryk Gorecki's Symphony 3 playing and I can sit back with the laptop. I've put mysterious green traditional chinese linement on my neck and shoulders, which is making them tingle and I'm breathing in it's heavy medicine.
I did not sleep well last night, I woke at 4am with a start, and a headache, and pummelled my pillow trying to get back to sleep, forcefully, which never works. I fell into a restless doze and woke again to the radio at 6.30 with someone in Innisfall talking about the terrible winds coming in, and it seemed to merge with my restlessness and the delayed horror of the story I read yesterday sinking in, until eventually I dragged myself out of bed, and made coffee.

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